How the No Cost Program Works

Before you head down the For Sale By Owner road give us a call. The program is simple and easy, No Cost Realty (NCR) and its team of licensed agents will sell your home for No Cost. All that we ask is after we sell your current home you use NCR when purchasing your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you do differently from a typical real estate agency to market and get my home sold quickly?

Traditionally most real estate agents, agencies and brokerages market/sell the same way using Multiple Listing Services (MLS), flyers, open houses, etc…..

No Cost Realty and its team of realtors will do the exact same thing other agencies do, however, we will do this for NO COST!!!

2. How much can I save on selling my home?

You will typically save between 3% and 6% when you sell your home. So the actual dollar amount will be dependent upon the sales price of your property. Here is just one example:

Sales Price of home: $300,000

Real Estate Company A No Cost Realty
Listing Commission Fee: $9,000 $0
Buyers’ Agent Commission: $9,000 $9,000
Commission out of Homeowner’s Pocket: $18,000 $9,000 Total

3. I am selling my house on my own (FSBO), what advantage does No Cost Realty provide me?

Selling your home yourself is never an easy task.

The Texas Association of Realtors did a study: On average, a person selling their home themselves loses approximately $10,000 on the transaction because of lack of experience with contracts, negotiations, inspections, etc…

Also most people trying to sell their home do not have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and do not have the marketing capabilities of the agents at No Cost Realty.

No Cost Realty costs the exact same as selling your home yourself. However, we provide industry knowledge and experience. In addition, you get mass marketing and your home will be listed in the local MLS directory, all of this is done at NO COST.

4. I am selling my house, but I am moving out of the state. Can No Cost Realty help me?

Yes, however, this is done on a case by case basis. Our real estate brokerage team consists of many other agents located outside of Texas. Please contact us to determine if the team at NCR can help you.

5. How are you and your team able to sell my home at No Cost?

The only person(s) allowed to determine the commission of any particular sale of a property in Texas is a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. The President of our company is a licensed real estate broker with the State of Texas.

Real Estate firms can charge any dollar amount they want for selling a property. The industry average is 3%; however, agents are not allowed to negotiate a commission on the sale of a property. The President of our company believes in allowing sellers to retain the commission dollars and allow the sellers to use the money towards the purchase of a new home.