About No Cost Realty

As a licensed Real Estate Broker with the State of Texas, I wanted to help his family and friends save money when they decided to sell their existing homes and be able to use the saved money towards the purchases of their new homes. Of course, with selling of a home comes the necessity of purchasing a new one. I saw the opportunity to offer superior services for no cost and earn his money on the purchases of the new homes, thus No Cost Realty was born. Most other agencies charge 3% for listing/selling a home; No Cost Realty charges nothing to market, list and sell your home.

With No Cost Realty, you can eliminate 3% and keep the money where it belongs, in the your pocket. Stop trying For Sale by Owner Dallas, Texas and let us handle it for you. NCR and its agents will market and sell your home the same exact way as other real estate companies do: MLS, Open Houses, etc….

So the questions is: “Why wouldn’t you use No Cost Realty and its agents?” It is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars.

No Cost Realty and its agents will provide superior services at No Cost to the homeowner.