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At No Cost Realty, we help you sell your home and charge you nothing!

And, we help you buy your next home!

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We help clients all over DFW sell their home & keep more money in their pockets! Stop trying For Sale By Owner. Let us do the heavy lifting.

I tried the For Sale By Owner way. After a month I turned to NoCost Realty. They sold my house super fast, $10,000 in commission fees and found our dream house in just no time. What’s great is they make their money off the seller of your next house and not out of my pocket.

Ryan R.

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No Cost Realty

Think about it. After a listing fee, open houses, internet research and listing on real estate sites and the amount of time it takes out of your day, how much is that worth to you. Well we will do it for FREE. For Sale By Owner is a thing of the past.

Yes, you read that correctly. With our exclusive NEW HOME MOVE UP program you have the opportunity of selling your current home for no real estate commissions. Just think about it. If your home sells for $300,000 then you could SAVE up to $18,000. What could you do with an extra $18,000 as you move into a new home?

We also represent many builders in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area and because of our experience and relationships with these builders, we can help you purchase your new home and save thousands of dollars as you sell your current home.

We will be happy to explain the complete process to you and show you how we can save you money. Just fill out the information on the Contact No Cost Realty page or simply call us at 214-850-0071.

Selling your home can often be stressful, and expensive. It seems like every way that you turn, you are having to spend money in order to sell your property. Now you have a way to receive a rebate when you need it the most!

No Cost Realty is a full-service Real Estate company that understands how these expenses can add up. And we have a solution. We offer you a way to sell your home and save your Realtor fees.

The greatest expense when selling your home is the fee that you pay your Listing Broker. While it is true that the Listing Broker then shares the fee with the Buyer’s Broker, No Cost Realty can save you the complete cost of the fees that are earmarked strictly for the Broker who actually lists your home for sale.

This can save you thousands of dollars, money that can be used when purchasing your new home.

Contact No Cost Realty at 214-850-0071 as soon as possible to discuss how we can save you money and help you find that home of your dreams.

Don’t pay more for realty services. Contact No Cost Realty today and learn more about Buying and Selling your home!

No Cost Realty has agents that will assist you in the sell or purchase of your home and best part is you can save up to 3%.

No Cost Realty offers full services to all its Clients which include:CMA Reports for pricing, home showings, MLS advertising, Open Houses, Contract, closing and negotiation advice, location and showing of homes for purchase.

 Contact us now and speak to one of our skilled Agents and to learn more about how our program works. At No Cost Realty there is no better way to save on Commission fees and still get a full service brokerage to guide you through the process.